I assisted from 2001 to 2006 on shoots for Neiman Marcus, Frederick's Of Hollywood, JC Penny, The Gap, Fox, ABC, Premiere, Flaunt... I know light. I still turn a pack's dial once in a while when the crew looks away (especially otmfc).

In 2004 I started to Digi Tech here and there until it became my main thing.

I like to work from a laptop on a tripod for mobility and lightness but other setups are fine.

I also do retouching. Beauty and skin is what I work on the most, a few magazine covers, a few catalogs.

I enjoy spending time with my 7 year-old, surfing, snowboarding, golfing, watching football, basketball, soccer. Lots of dishes too. I don't like that. But the wife cooks so what can you do.

My clients include:

Andrew Southam (ABC, Frontgate, Netflix, Charles Schwab, Ugg Shoes, CBS, Fox, Decca, E!, Lands' End, Geffen, Us Mag, People Mag, Wilsons Leather, Peta, FHM, Women's Health, Men's Health...)

Williams+Hirakawa (Neiman Marcus, Island Def Jam, Silhouette, Epic Records, Hollywood Records, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, C Mag., Lucky Mag...)

Dorit Thies (Bed Head Pajamas, Fitness Mag, Foam Mag, Urban Deccay, Lorac, Yoga Journal...)

Sophie Gransard (Joe's Jeans)

Tim Tadder (Bridgestone, International Trucks, LG, Lifeproof, McDonald's)

Marie Noorbergen (Madeleine Thompson, Vie Active, Carine Letessier, Joe's Jeans)